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Are you ready for the cloud?

The cloud makes it possible for IT to introduce new business-enhancing capabilities in less time and with lower cost. In fact, 80% of businesses experience a steady increase in productivity within the first six months in the cloud.1

By helping to accelerate growth, protect against security threats, and drive new innovations, making the cloud a core part of your IT strategy just makes sense.

80%of businesses experience productivity gains in the first six months1

47%said the cloud increases agility in business operations2

54%say it helps reduce costs related to business processes2

3 ways the cloud is ready for your business…

Helps you grow

Move quickly with ondemand resources that can keep up with your business—wherever it goes

Keeps you safe

Rest easier with the same level of security and data protection used by the world’s largest organizations

Sparks Innovation

Instantly tap into a whole new world of resources to help drive new business initiatives

Watch the videos to learn more about the 3 ways the cloud can help your business today.

"Over the past year, we have doubled our revenues. With the global reach that Azure gives us, we expect to continue to increase our revenues at a very fast pace."

Stephane Poirier, VP of Business Development and Technology, AtmanCo

Let your IT run free

The cloud offers endless opportunities for businesses of any size. Give your IT team the freedom to innovate and focus on the best ways to grow your business.

Register for a free Azure Everywhere two day workshop by requesting a free consultation.  This workshop is designed to show you ‘the art of the possible’ and explain how Azure could help your business in ways perhaps not previously considered.  

If you register for the workshop you will also receive a Proof-of-Concept on how Microsoft can help your organisation transition to the cloud, along with three hours of free Azure training for your engineers. 

Ready to move your business to the cloud? Contact us.

Contact us 1Curiousrubik; 2Techaisle 2016

Is your technology holding you back?

The cost of maintaining outdated technologies can impact your ability to reach your potential. We can show you how to use the cloud to grow faster, protect against threats to your productivity, and innovate in ways that make sense to your company.

Growth, protection, innovation

Give your IT the freedom to focus on your business

  • Free from the technological restrictions and limitations holding your
    business back
  • Free to invest strategically on technology that is specific to your
    business needs
  • Free to choose from limitless options, allowing you to take advantage of the same resources that are available to the world’s largest corporations

The technology you need, the technology you choose

The cloud is a platform that offers flexibility in terms of scale up/scale down and pay as you go while offering the same resources that are available to the world’s biggest companies.

You have the opportunity to innovate in ways that are specific to your company while saving costs, preserving flexibility, and remaining productive.

Grow faster

  • Scale up/scale down at the speed of your business.
  • Invest in the IT that you need for your business with pay-as-you-go services.
  • Spend time thinking about IT strategy rather than maintenance.

"…makes it easy for us to create virtual machines and scale quickly while keeping costs under control… we can move ahead with our expansion plans: both across the region and by adding new services."

Khaled Abdo, CTO,

Know you’re safe

  • Take advantage of the same security used by the world’s largest organizations. It’s just there.
  • Protect against threats to your business security—like cyberattacks and data breaches.
  • Reduce downtime and keep your business running with backup and site recovery.

"I go home at night and sleep well knowing that our business can continue to operate no matter what happens in the world around us. That means an awful lot to us. In this day of hyper-competitive markets, if you’re down for three or four days, you’re out of business."

Tony Swayne, Finance Director, Graytone

Spark innovation

  • Bring new ideas to life quickly with broad application support and rapid deployments.
  • Move your business forward with hundreds of ready-to-go cloud services that let you choose the best way to innovate.

"It took us far too long to bring innovation to the market and we are absolutely convinced that will be better and faster now."

Paul Ossewold, VP for Digital Operations, Priva

Are you ready to take your technology to the next level? Learn more about the 3 ways the cloud can accelerate your business success.

It’s okay to be nostalgic about technology when it comes to video games. But nostalgia about the IT that drives your business? Not so much.

Learn how the cloud can help you drive innovation.

1Techaisle 2015 SMB Cloud Adoption Trends Study; 2comScore 2013; 3Microsoft

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